The company was founded in March 1987 in a small, wooden crib and then hired three employees. Then manufactured engines gaskets: Fiat 126, Fiat - Polonaise, Zuk, Siren, Wartburg and Skoda. In years when the market was missing anything - the company quickly began investing in construction of a production plant with a real event.


We are one of the fastest growing companies in Poland engaged in the production of gaskets for automobile engines. As a manufacturer of gaskets for motor vehicles on the domestic automotive market playing a leading role. Currently, we are known not only domestically but also abroad.

One of the objectives is to maintain ADJUST very high rate of development and investment in the future. Throughout the improved accessibility to a range of seals and increased the diversity of, in order to meet your expectations. Cooperating with our company customer discovers that the company ADJUST is a competent partner, focused on the reliability and comprehensive service. Based on a proven system of information - we provide all customers with logistic smooth implementation of the contract and delivery of the goods at our expense.